Difference between 18 Karats, 21 Karats & 22 Karats of Solid Gold

Go bold with gold, as gold is one of the most adored and valuable metal when it comes to jewelry.

Gold in its purest form is soft and has to be mixed with alloys to make it harder and durable. Solid gold is most valuable as it does not tarnish or fade and will hold its value with a lifetime guarantee.

Real solid gold is the premium form of gold for jewelry however the purity of solid gold is measured with a unit called “Karat”. The higher the Karat, the purer the gold. The “Hallmark” on the gold pieces indicates the quantity of gold. It is usually a number followed by “K” e.g. 18K,22K

24K Gold

24k gold is 99.9 percent gold with no trace of any other alloy. It has bright yellow colour and is soft. Hence, it is not suitable for all kinds jewelry but is used in coins, bars and some electronic and medical devices.

22K Gold

22k means that 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals such as silver and nickel are used. It has 91.7 percent gold. The alloys mixed with gold make it long-lasting and harder. This kind of gold is preferred for making of plain jewelry mostly and is not preferred for Diamonds or stone studded pieces.

21K Gold

21kgold has also high purity level. It means, out of 24 parts 21-part gold is used. It has 87.5 percent gold and 12 percent other alloys. 21K gold does not tarnish easily and has shiny yellow colour. This type is most suitable for jewelry with stones. Also because of its bright yellow colour it has an exclusive look.

 18K Gold

18K gold has 75 percent of gold mixed with other alloys such as copper, silver and nickel. This type of gold is widely used for jewelry especially diamond. It is durable and also affordable as compare to 22K or 24K.18K.In the recent years 18K gold is widely used its affordability and durability. This kind is most popular for engagement and wedding rings.

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