About us

 It is the solemn duty of humans to continue the legacy that is bestowed on them by their forefathers. Following this paradigm, here at Elochi Jewelry we have continued the work of our ancestors and entered in the noble trade of jewel-making. Varied may be the trade of accessories but nobody can deny the duality of opulence and elegance that solid gold jewelry provides.

Traditionally, jewel-making was an art form wherein styles and designs were developed by merchants and success in one market would lead to proliferation in others. Very few, extremely noble and wealthy clients had the privilege to design their own styles, most had to make do with replicas designed by the more affluent.

Modern day society is different, art is not limited to the few, everyone can make their own art which embodies their style and reflects their personality. Herein comes Elochi, whether it’s an expression of self love or a sign of devotion for a loved one, we have it all. We provide customization for all gold jewelry in the 18k, 21k and 22k solid gold. The creators of Elochi believe in the uniqueness of each person and grant full creative license to each individual so they may craft a piece that is in line with their personal identity.

With the capitalist and self serving mentality of many entities in the gold jewellery business, it is often customers are duped into buying gold plated jewellery in the name of Solid gold. Such abhorrent practices tarnish the name of those who practice faithfully in line with the teachings of their mentors. Our expert goldsmiths ensure that the final product reflects the true essence of your vision and deliver a product that is not only spectacular but also meets the highest quality standards.

Each of our product is tested at three stringent checkpoints and only after passing through each thorough examination is a certificate of authenticity issued. Each certificate is unique and bears the name of the customer, there are no generic certificates that may cast doubt on the thorough examination of the product. Gold jewelry must last a lifetime and the quality of our product ensures that it will stay with you throughout your life.

Our retail offices are based in Australia and the United States. Our expert craftsmen are located in both Australia and Middle East to serve our most distinguished clientele. A mark of our faith in our product standards and quality is that we offer free returns in case of customer dissatisfaction.